Friday, February 17, 2012

Featured: Two by Bruce Haack

Bruce Haack & Miss Nelson, The Way Out Record For Children

"Recorded in 1968, a true psychedelic masterpiece for the kids. Ms. Nelson (a child educator) and Bruce Haack (an early electronic music pioneer) designed this record to open the minds and hearts of children to deeper levels of insight and culture. Not condescending in the least and with a childlike sense of wonder, Bruce and Ms. Nelson lay into some heavy songs about everything from Robots to Indian Mysticism to Motorcycle riding fantasies. It's all in here. The music is all generated by Bruces' homemade electronic instruments which churn out proto hip hop beats and straight up avante garde moments left and right. The kids in Ms. Nelson's community chime in with their voices here and there and the record ends with a haunting existential twist that'll leave you screamin' for more. A great record for children and adults of all ages. Old school tip on cover."

Bruce Haack & Miss Nelson, The Electronic Record For Children

"Recorded in 1969 , early electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack and child educator Ms. Nelson go bravely and deeply into psychedelic music compositions designed to open the minds and hearts of the young. Truly far out electronic music that evokes a space age alternate universe. Bruce and Ms. Nelson are joined by pianist Praxietellis Pandit and their relaxed sounding friend Chris to bring you songs about everything from ancient folk tales to outerspace to what the world sounds like when you listen with your inner self. Real great stuff, not for the faint of heart. Avante garde music by and for the people. Old school tip on cover."

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